Droa's Statement

Political party Droa strongly condemns Russia’s recognition of Ukraine’s integral territories – Donetsk and Luhanks - as “independent states,” as well as the Russian president’s decree to send “peace-keeping missions” to Eastern Ukraine.

The abovementioned violates the basic principles of international law and rules-based international orders – including the inviolability of state borders, state sovereignty, and inadmissibility on the use of force or the threat of use of force in international relations.

Yesterday’s speech by Putin was an open declaration of his revisionist intentions to resurrect the Russian Empire, which also makes clear the true motives behind Russia’s previous aggressions as well as Russia’s future plans of action.

Georgia’s example shows us that Russia’s land grab of Ukraine will be followed by innocent casualties, human tragedies, creeping occupation, propaganda, and other components of hybrid warfare that serve to capture and destroy the Ukrainian state. 

Today, on the four year anniversary of Archil Tatunashvili’s murder, Georgian people can openly state that know all too well the human price of Russian aggression. We unequivocally  support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the sovereign right of a nation-state to choose its own path and become an integral part of NATO and the EU.

We call on our international partners to use personal, as well as economic, financial, and diplomatic sanctions as a united, instant, and effective instrument against Kremlin’s aggression. We also find it crucial that international partners keep providing Ukraine with defensive military capabilities and immediately fulfill the 2008 Bucharest Summit decision regarding Georgia and Ukraine’s membership to NATO.

We call on the Georgian Government to join the free world in their unified approach against Russian aggression. We find this as an important moral and pragmatic step towards the de-occupation of Georgian occupied territories, as well as towards the final integration of Georgia into the trans-Atlantic community.