The Government of Georgia essentially discloses its refusal to join NATO.

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili voiced Putin’s personal narrative and blamed the war in Ukraine on the NATO enlargement and Ukraine’s NATO membership aspiration at one of the most influential international security forums - GLOBSEC 2023 - just before the NATO Vilnius Summit as well.

This statement is a clear message directly from the Kremlin, a betrayal of the national interests of Georgia, and a disclosure that the Georgian Dream serves the Kremlin and does the job of the enemy of this country, as opposed to serving the interests of the people of Georgia.

This statement from Irakli Garibashvili is the continuation of the government’s deliberate policy - the policy of confrontation with all Western partners and allies, all supporters of sovereignty and independence of this country, the policy of putting Georgia in international isolation in order for Georgia to end up alone vis-à-vis Russia and to destroy the Georgian statehood this way.

Each day the Georgian Dream is in power means more isolation from the West and further rapprochement with the enemy - Russia. Consequently, the only response from the 80% of the population of this country towards the government that serves the interests of the enemy to the detriment of the people will be the following: No to the Russian government!